Whisky Casks 
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We have direct access to 1000+ casks from over 80 distilleries
All stored in our private cask warehouse
Each tested to provide quality assurance
Offering a complete cask to glass service
Allowing direct access to samples and
Full control of your exit through our online platforms

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Cask Buying Process


Cask Selection and Payment

Our expert team are ready to help find a cask from our extensive inventory that suits your budget, taste and objectives…whether for investment or for bottling to drink – or a bit of both!


Buyer Due-Diligence and Ownership Transfer

All casks sold by Still Spirit are owned by our group - this makes the transfer of legal ownership simple and swift.

A dedicated Still Spirit representative will assist you through the process to finalise the legal transfer of the cask.  This involves standard due diligence checks which we need to perform on buyers following which we will produce a 'Delivery Order' which will act as your proof of ownership.



Our warehouse team will regularly monitor your cask, assist with cask requests (re-gauging, sampling, bottling) and be available to organise a chance to visit your cask with friends!

Why Invest In Whisky Casks?

  • Continued Whisky Ageing Investing in whisky via casks gives the owner direct benefit from the continued ageing of the whisky inside the cask.  Buying a 6 year old cask and holding for 5 years results in 11 year old whisky inside the cask - unlike investing in bottles of whisky where a 12 year old whisky is still only 12 years old even after being held for an investment time period.

  • Diversification & Low Volatility Limited (if any) correlation to any traditional asset class such as equities, bonds and property.

  • Proven Historical Annual Returns Arising from an imbalance between lack of supply of aged single malt whisky and growing global demand.

  • Physical Asset Ownership Complete cask ownership in your name providing asset-backed investment.

  • Passion Investment Casks can be used for a combination of consumption, gifting or re-selling.  A fantastic way to celebrate births, marriages and any other special years!

Your Cask Management Account

As a Still Spirit cask owner you will be provided access to an online cask management account, allowing easy after-sale control of your cask.
Actions such as regauge or sample request, bottling, divestment or keeping a track of cask valuation can be arranged by simply logging in and selecting your request.